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Repair Services


Having a property maintenance crew in our business is a must, and also presents an enormous advantage for prospective tenants. We take care of every detail, no matter how minor it is and do not commit our maintenance services with annual fees. During the active season, when the properties are occupied, we urgently take care of changing light bulbs, water connections and hoses, fixing problems with boilers and other appliances. Any occurring damage costs over 50 euros are first discussed and approved by the owner and appointed for repair thereafter. In our practice, these could be problems with AC, TV, washing machines, refrigerators or urgent building work. All maintenance costs may be deducted from the generated rental income.

We prepare and send a free report with necessary property repairs, so the owner reviews which of them need to be carried out at once and which could be scheduled in future. This information is very useful for keeping property record condition, especially when there are building issues involved.

After each maintenance work carried on, we do not forget to do our cleaning job as well!


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