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Short-Term Rental Income


The largest European and leading tour operators offer summer holidays in Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, Nessebar, Ravda and Kosharitsa. The area attracts many individual guests as well, who choose to spend their summer holidays in our exclusive resorts. As a leading company in self-catering accommodation for more than 18 years, we pride ourselves with excellent partnership with the most efficient booking engines and tour agencies.

This is the reason why many apartments are suitable to join our short-term rental portfolio. We promote these properties to tour operators, online platforms and individual tourists. This option allows us calculating the accommodation rate per night, according to the type of the apartment and complex location, rates of our competitors and the period of the booking – during low, middle or high season. The main job of our team is constant online monitoring of daily rates and sale optimization.

Our goal is highest occupancy for each property as to lead better income return. This is one of the most preferable options, as we offer net accommodation rates so the owner knows exactly how much the occupation costs.

Joining our short-term letting portfolio will allow the owner to stay in the property for a holiday, even generate own reservations only by checking availability with our Reservation team in advance, as described in our Letting agreement.

Surely, there is much to be discussed and talked over in advance and we will be happy if you contact us at [email protected] or fill in the form below:

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