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Long-Term Rental Income

Sunny beach area is getting busier and many employees need a place to live during their occupation. Our company has established business relationships with many hotels, restaurants, trade companies and other employers that seek accommodation for their staff.

When the property is suitable for long-term rent, we find tenants for a certain period, usually for the summer season. You will be informed of fixed amount of the rent and the exact period. Location of the complex, condition of the property itself and the level of equipment are the most important when negotiating the rental price with the potential tenants. If you choose this rental opportunity, you will not have the possibility to use the property for the period the property is rented.

We manage the whole process – take care of finding tenants, negotiate rental conditions, collect the rent and monitor the payment of utility bills. On tenants’ departure, we inspect the property and take care of the cleaning.

Surely, there is much to be discussed and talked over in advance and we will be happy if you contact us at [email protected] or fill in the form below:

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