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Property Insurance

We believe that home insurance is not a luxury but a necessity and strict requirement for all owners who rent out their property.

You may enjoy your property, live there, rent it out, leave it vacant for a long time or even try to sell it. However, if accidentally a damage occurs (or eventually in your neighbors), it will be your responsibility to cover the cost of repairs. This is the basic reason to carry property insurance and protect yourself from additional expenses.

It is our job to let you know how to secure your valued investment against basic risks. The company offers standard insurances for studio, one and two bedroom apartment, as well as combined policies that include not only home insurance but also Third Party (public) Liability, which covers the legal liability of the Insured for property damages and/or bodily injuries or death caused to third parties.

All insurance policies for rental properties managed by PMGroup must be done through our company, inclusive of Third Party Liability.

Please have in mind, that being an official agent of leading insurance companies in Bulgaria, our company gives you the opportunity to secure your investment against additional risks at your own preference.


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