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Frequently Asked Questions

PMGroup is an independent service provider in the area of Sunny Beach. We look after your property, ensuring that all actions are carried out professionally, promptly and to highest standards.

Our prime consideration is you as the owner to have right to choose the right time. To be as flexible as possible we require that you give us an indication of the weeks that you will require for your own use well in advance. If there is no such possibility for you, then you can always check with our Reservation department if specific dates are free and then to block them for your own use. If we have already confirmed reservation, which we can’t relocate to another property, then we suggest optional possible dates for your stay. This is the only way to make sure that your home is free and waiting for your arrival. We are always mindful that it is your property and you should be free to enjoy it whenever you wish.

Water damage, electrical problems, insect infestations etc are an unpleasant surprise – why risk the cost of this damage, which might also devalue your property? When you are here for a visit do you really want to spend time cleaning and mending instead of relaxing and enjoying yourself?

Our inspectors will provide a full inventory check with any guests staying there. Full ingoing and outgoing cleaning will ensure that you property is maintained to the high standards you expect for yourself. Accidents, however, do happen and for your own peace of mind we require all rental properties to have full insurance cover.

A chauffeur-driven vehicle will be waiting to drive you or your tenants from Varna or Bourgas airport to your apartment or villa every time you request a transportation.

We will provide you with holiday rental income by:

  • Listing your property on holiday rental web sites;
  • Renting out your property from our offices in Sunny Beach;
  • Including your property for rent in the accommodation contracts we signed with the major tour operators;
  • Offering your property for rent through other partner tour agencies operating in the Sunny Beach area;

It is extremely important that your insurance covers rental purposes. Usually insurance brokers are not aware of this. We offer each owner full or part property insurance covering basic and extra risks, as a standard package or according to your individual preference. If you rent out your property through our company, it is obligatory that you have your third party liability signed with us.

Certainly! You may send your questions by email: [email protected]