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Rental Income

You own a property in the area of Sunny Beach and you are not sure how to rent it out. We have the answer for you. Our top priority is to find and offer the best and most profitable way to make your investment work for you.

Your success as an investment property owner is our main goal, which makes us professionals in our work, so we will always strive to get you the best rental price for your property when you rent out through us. We believe in realistic rental rates, which bring you the most income whilst giving tenants the greatest value.

Whether you are looking to rent out your property to holidaymakers during summer months of the year or prefer a more regular income from long-term lettings, you can rely on us by signing one of our Letting agreements – long-term rent, short-term rent or rent under guaranteed income. It is our job to let you know if all three options are available for the particular holiday complex, you own property in.

You may have been promised sometimes completely unrealistic rental income by other companies and being led astray at the end, while we believe in being straight with our owners from the start about their property lettings.



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